March 14, 2023

Maximizing Your Master Bath

There are many ways to maximize the space you have to make it more usable. The pros at Hollingsworth Cabinetry show you how with some of our top tips to maximize your master bath:

Choose Neutral Colors

If space is an issue and you have a small bathroom, opt for a more neutral wall paint color. Neutrals or soft colors can help create the illusion of more space!

That said, if you have a home full of beige you can switch it up and give yourself a design push. In very small master bathrooms, you can try the deepest tone on your color swatch. In very small areas, darker colors can blend corners, trick the eyes, and make the room feel bigger. This can give you a bold and moody look, just for you!  

Pro Tip: Light it up with a bigger mirror – why not go countertop to ceiling in your bathroom can make the space feel bigger too!

Streamline the Vanity

By freeing up floor space in your Master Bath, you’ll make it feel bigger. If you can swap your vanity for a smaller one, do it! You might even consider using a vintage pedestal sink, or a custom wall-mounted vanity. Even though the opened up space might not be usable, it will make the room appear larger.  

Can’t find a vanity to fit your specifications? Look no further! We can design a vanity to fit your bathroom space with unique custom cabinet options to match your design aesthetic. Contact us for a vanity quote! We can also maximize storage with linen closets and wall shelving perfect for your master oasis.

Design Inspiration


Organization is key to maximizing and using your bathroom space to its full potential. One great tip is to roll your towels instead of folding them. Rolling towels saves space, and adds a high-class spa-like feel to your master bath!

Easy ways to organize and declutter your master bath:

  • Use the inside of cabinet doors for storage.
  • Use drawer dividers.
  • Add a laundry bin for used towels.  
  • Hang towels from hooks instead of bars.

Another key to organizing? Get built-in cabinets installed by Hollingsworth Cabinetry. We’ll make sure everything you use has a home in your bathroom so you can get ready in your dream bath.

Add Unseen Storage

You need to be savvy with the storage in your bathroom to really maximize the space. Small design touches, such as adding a built-in medicine cabinet over the vanity, can make a big difference to declutter the countertop space. If you have a cabinet on your vanity, add organizers to use every inch of space available.

Make Use of Shelving

Straight from the pages of a magazine...If you are lacking in cabinet space, just a few simple shelves in your bathroom can help make the most of your master bathroom.  

Consider adding a shelf above your bathroom door to store paper products or towels. Also, adding a shelf or shelving unit over the toilet can showcase some of your fancier towels and bath products in an organized and appealing way.  

Hollingsworth Cabinetry can create custom floating shelves for your master bath to keep your space feeling clutter-free! Contact us today for a quote - 910-251-1490!

Tips & Tricks for Master Bathroom Design

  • Remove any large furniture that takes up too much space, and replace it with stylish pieces that have hidden storage!  
  • Forgo the linen closet and replace that storage space with more hidden storage.  
  • Skip the shower curtain and opt for a modern shower design.  
  • Utilize and unused space.  
  • Make use of wall space with custom-made cabinetry.  
  • Use accent lighting

Enhance Your Master Bath With Hollingsworth

To fully maximize your master bath, custom-made cabinets and shelving can take your space from unorganized to an organized and functional paradise!  

Have a Hollingsworth Home; we can design and build custom cabinets, vanities, shelving, and more! Call us today at 910-251-1490! to incorporate custom-made storage solutions to maximize your master bath!

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