March 14, 2023

Elevate Your Kitchen with a Custom Range Hood

Reasons for Range Hoods

Attractive, yes, but a range hood also serves a purpose in a functional kitchen. Your range hood removes heat, fumes, gases, and odors that happen while cooking that delicious family meal. Your range hood also gives off extra light for the cooktop. While there are specs to keep in mind from noise level to ductwork for air flow to size, we’re sticking to style today.

Types of Range Hoods

A custom range hood can help set your home apart and increase property value upon resale. With the possible styles of range hoods are nearly limitless; you can design a dramatic focal point in your kitchen — or go for a more subtle style that let’s your cabinets and countertops standout.  

There are two main types of kitchen range hoods: all-in-one and insert plus shell. While the all-in-ones work well, we design and build custom range inserts that give more flexibility and design styles. We can build wood range hoods or faux finish the paint on a custom range to make it appear like metal.  

Design Tip: The best time to choose your range hood is before you start your remodel new home build to get the specifications right, then pick a style that fits the look you’d like.

At Hollingsworth Cabinetry, our range hoods are custom designed and built in our Wilmington, NC workshop. Are you interested in elevating your kitchen design with an eye-catching custom range hood? Call us today at 910.251.1490 for a free design estimate!

Range Hood Design Styles

Since custom range hoods are a statement piece in most kitchens, it is important to choose a style that compliments its design. Just as there is a lid to every pot, there is a range hood to match the flow and style of every kitchen.  

At Hollingsworth Cabinetry, our custom kitchen design experts will help you choose the right style range hood for your kitchen. Here are some of our favorite looks!


Two-tone range hoods are being used more and more in new kitchen remodels and new builds. It’s a beautiful look with clean white and rustic or polished wood and can be used with a variety of shapes. Make a statement while still being simple!  

See more the in Hood Gallery

Architectural Details

It’s all about the tiny details that make this range hood special, especially when matching the cabinetry to a tee. At Hollingsworth Cabinetry, we pay attention to every detail, making your custom range hood truly one-of-a-kind!

Metal Accents

Want to add some personality to your custom range hood? Do it with metal accents! This design works beautifully with both traditional or transitional kitchens and can be used to jazz up classic panels (as shown) or a simple structure.  

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Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse is one of the hottest trends in kitchen design, and we love it! Our custom shiplap range hoods complement any farmhouse kitchen, whether rustic or modern, and the simplicity of the design opens the door for incredible statement pieces.

Classic & Simple

Not a fan of the trends? That’s okay! There’s something to be said for beautiful, classic, and TIMELESS kitchens. Which, by the way, remains one of the most popular and requested designs. At Hollingsworth Cabinetry, we can create a beautiful, timeless range hood to compliment your traditional kitchen.  

At Hollingsworth Cabinetry, Together We Make It a Home.

With today’s kitchens being the centerpiece of the home, additions such as custom range hoods, can totally change the look and feel. We’ll elevate the look of your home with an eye-catching statement piece.

At Hollingsworth Cabinetry, our range hoods are made-to-order with care by local Wilmington, NC area craftsman. We invite you to learn more about our range of custom designs for your kitchen, contact us at 910.251.1490 to schedule a design consultation with our experts.

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