March 14, 2023

Fad or Fab: Floating Shelves

Are you closed off to open shelving or floating shelves? As with any design trend, floating shelves have had their fair share of opinions & debate over the years. But are they on-trend or yesterday’s news? If you ask us, we LOVE the possibilities that floating shelves provide. Many homeowners see them as the perfect feature to incorporate in the kitchen, bathroom, living room – and all throughout their homes!

Wondering are floating shelves fad or fab for your home remodel? Let’s take a look:

Why Floating Shelving?

Open or floating shelving is a beautiful way to keep your space simple and clean. If you have a small kitchen, installing floating shelves can open up your space, and allow you to showcase your favorite cookware and dishes. Another bonus to floating shelves in the kitchen or bathroom is that you don’t have to search through a cabinet to find what you are looking for.  

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What Spaces Are Floating Shelves Good For?

While anyone can incorporate floating or open shelving into their space, they are great for small kitchens or awkwardly shaped spaces. With floating shelves, you can get custom-made shelves to fit any space, even corners, or that space above the kitchen sink!  

If you think that floating shelving is a short-lived fad, think again! Centuries-old homes have open shelving incorporated into their kitchens for added style, ease, and function in kitchens all over the world.  

So there you have it, while there are many opinions about floating shelves, they aren’t going anywhere! If you love the look, then do it! And if it’s not for you, we can design some amazing cabinetry to house all your dishes and cookware.

Pros & Cons of Floating Shelves

With any design trend, there are pros and cons to the floating shelving trend:


  • Unique
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient  
  • The shelving can become a design feature
  • You can show off your cookware, antiques, pottery, etc.


  • You need to be tidy and organized (no more closing the cabinet door to hide a mess!)
  • You still need storage that isn’t on display
  • Can become cluttered & collect dust
Design Tip: If you are worried about dust and cleaning floating shelves, installing glass-front cabinets can give you the look of floating shelves with the protection of a cabinet! Bonus!
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Tips to Incorporate Floating Shelves in Your Home

Let's make the look work for your family (after all, that’s what custom design is all about). Here are our top tips to have floating shelving in your home:

  • Open shelves can work in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, bedrooms, etc.  
  • Dust is inevitable with floating shelves, so be ready to dust often.  
  • Use floating shelves in the kitchen for dishes & bowls your family uses frequently.  
  • If you are going for a curated look, consider the beauty and function of everything that you display. Blend pretty bowls with artwork and small plants to make the most of your shelving.
  • If you have children, consider how dishes will be put away after washing.  
Incorporating floating shelves into your space doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you still want cabinets, keep them, and add a few floating shelves in other parts of your space. Our design team will help you create the perfect storage for your Wilmington, NC area home. Contact us today!

Add Custom Character To Your Space

Floating shelving can be a timeless addition to your home design and can add unique character to your space. So what do you think? Are floating shelves fad or fab? Personally, we think you’ll flip over how great floating shelves can look in your home.

At Hollingsworth Cabinetry, we can build custom cabinets, hoods, bookcases, shelving, benches, and more. And our finish shop does amazing work with paints, glazes, and stains.

If you would like to incorporate floating shelving into your space, simply call us at 910.251.1490 for custom-made floating shelving!

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